Christ Reformed Church at Indian Creek

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Our Mission

Afford Christian Education that is Bible-based and Christ-centered with a strong foundation in the Reformed doctrine
Teach and encourage everyone to Worship God through the study of the Bible
Teach respect for God's people and the Church
Teach love and caring for one another
Prepare students to be servants of God
Bring the un-reached, un-churched, non-members to know and love Jesus Christ
Promote fellowship and build meaningful friendships and relationships

Sunday School

Sunday School at Christ Reformed Church provides opportunities for all ages to fellowship together and study God's word in the Bible.

Sunday mornings at 9:00 AM

Nursery (Ages 0 - 2)
Pre-K & Kindergarten (Ages 4 - 5)
Primary (Grades 1 - 2)
Elementary (Grades 3 -5)
Junior High (Grades 6-9)
High School (Grades 10-12)
Adult Bible study classes

Christ Reformed Church at Indian Creek

171 Church Road

Telford, PA 18969


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